The Ιlioupolis Animal Welfare Union is a non-for-profit, animal rescue organization established in 1997.

Main Activities

Our main activities include the seizing, rescuing and caring for stray and abused animals located in the Municipality of Ilioupolis and its vicinity.
Every year, the union looks after, protects, feeds, vaccinates ,neuters and performs surgery on approximately 300 strays, mainly cats and dogs, while also promoting responsible and legal adoption of strays through various media. We are of the few who have on our team, volunteers who are capable to collaborate and produce video and audio spots at NO cost to us. They are viewed and heard on the national stations of Greece. Recently we have made an effort to also become recognized and viewed internationally. Proudly, we have been asked by several schools and scout groups to inform and educate young members on what it is exactly The Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union does and how animals, strays and abused animals all deserve a place in our hearts and homes.

Due to its charitable character, the organization relies heavily on donations by its members and members of the public. We do not receive government grants.

Our mission

To rescue and protect strays and to promote animal welfare.

Our mottos

A family and a home for every stray!
Open your heart and adopt a stray!
Be responsible, spay and neuter!
Do not ignore Animal Abuse, Report it!

Our definition of a stray animal is: an animal which is outside the territory of a residence and is not accompanied and protected by its owner or guardian.
We constantly work alongside with veterinarians in our area to ensure that all animals we tend for are properly looked after, vaccinated and neutered. In addition, The Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union arranges for the treatment and surgeries of those animals that have suffered trauma due to misfortunate accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, traffic accidents occur frequently due to the conjested roads in the Ilioupolis area.
We also cooperate, at our own expense, with private boarding kennels and catteries which provide shelter to strays with health problems that are unfit to live on the streets.

Our Views on Euthanasia

We are opposed to euthanasia and exhaust every possible means to save an animal’s life. However, when the case is irrecoverable, or in the event of severe suffering, we reluctantly put the animal to sleep.

Our volunteers

Our volunteers work 24 hours, round the clock , including all holidays! Rescuing and providing their homes as a shelter to stray and abused animals, especially for ones who are recuperating from an illness or accident, as well as using their cars for the safe transfer of animals to homes and the veterinarian.
What we are able to accomodate
We can aid in finding a home for any stray,cat or dog you may find, unfortunately, due to a lack of funding and resources, we are unable to provide for each and every one found.

Assistance and guidelines for a lost pet.

We can provide the information needed for your pet to be neutered/spayed and vaccinated at vets that offer special prices and services,

Furthermore, we can advise regarding how to report an abused,mistreated or abandoned animal. To be noted we cannot do it for you, once again due to a lack of funding and resources.

Finally, we assist animals in need from Ilioupolis and surrounding areas. We cannot succour to them all,as much as it would please us.

How you can help

1.Donation of items: Dog Food ,Cat food, treats, bedding, towels, leads and harnesses, doghouses, dog toys, cat crates, cat litter (clumping) etc
2.Offer medicines: Vibramycin, Zylapour, Draxin, Glucantime, Pulvo, Betadine, Fucicort cream and eye drops, vaccines, deworming tablets (Drontal, Milbemax), flea and tick treatment products (3D Vectra).
3. Your time and labor: We are always in need for responsible volunteers who can help with dog walking and socializing cats or dogs, cleaning up after the animals, transfer animals from and to vets, help at Christmas and Easter bazaars.
4.Offer your house: Fostering. This is most valuable to an animal. There are only so many animals we can accommodate in our houses and there are only so many private kennels we can pay for. We are always desperate for foster homes and every animal is entitled to a safe and warm environment. All foods and medicines are provided by us.
5.Become a member. Our annual membership is €30. You will receive a receipt.
6.Make a donation. Every donation is extremely helpful to us and we are very grateful for any amount. We can accept donations from all around the world.
7.Virtual adoption: Some of the animals we care for cannot be adopted particularly due to health matters or a disability, advanced age or because of their «special» personality. These animals are under our protection and live either in foster homes or in kennels. We need you support with their kennel expenses, their food, their medicines and veterinarian expenses.
8. Adopt a pet! Our animals are all vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and given with a valid passport/medical book. Adults are also neutered. All candidates must provide a warm bed and space for future pets, animals are not provided for outside use once adopted.

Donations may be made via:

1.Piraeus Bank
IBAN GR76 0171 0400 0060 4001 0189 237
2. Via Paypal : support@zeil.gr

Our Adoption Record over the past years
2008 – 76 adoptions
2009 – 130 adoptions
2010 – 196 adoptions
2011 – 168 adoptions
2012 – 180 adoptions
2013 – 213 adoptions
2014 – 202 adoptions
2015 – 198 adoptions
2016 – 212 adoptions
2017 – 150 adoptions up to now (October)

Over 1300 animals, cats and dogs, have been neutered and vaccinated over the past 10 years.

Some Bright Moments

Aida. Was found with mange


Lazaros. Was hit by a car and left.


Carrot. Was found on the street


Freddy. Found in the rubbish bin


Zara, Freddy’s sister


Buddy. On a cold night in March we were called to see about an injured dog.
We found Buddy crying next to his deceased friend.


Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImL2zgdM9dg

Buddy has now been adopted to Canada.


And some dark moments

November 2012
We were informed that in small neighbourhood the other side of Piraeus a lot of white furry cats had started to appear. On visiting we discovered that a couple that moved away left behind an Angora cat which had started to breed.
We collected 13 white fluffy cats which were spayed/neuter, vaccinated and adopted.


August – October 2012
After 2 months of investigating we found and closed down an illegal puppy mill situated in the outskirts of Athens near Marathon.
With the help of KAZ (http://www.kazshelter.gr/ ) we confiscated 41 animals living in horrible conditions awaiting to be sold for profit.
They have all been put in safe foster homes while we await a trial date to be set.
Photos https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151169634047152.505431.353427217151&type=3


Closure came on October 6th https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151252797057152.519423.353427217151&type=3


August 2012
Animal hoarding. Approximately 30 dogs were kept in house very close to the centre of Athens. Indescribable living conditions for both humans and animals. They were all removed to safe places and were all neutered and given for adoption